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(Note: Established in 2015, Historic Pools of Britain is the first body ever to represent historic swimming pools in this country. Broomhill pool is a founding member).

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The Trust worked jointly, for seven years, with Suffolk Probationary Services to coordinate a project to clean up grade II listed Broomhill Pool. This not only cared for and enhanced an important public building, but it gave the whole area an important lift too. Anti-social behaviour and graffiti reduced. The Trust invested £3000 from our raised public contributions to pay for materials, paint, weed-killer, brushes; and we engaged with Community Payback teams who provided free labour. Our scheme won a Suffolk High Sheirff Award (in 2016).

The Trust has organised several community cohesion events each year (Broomhill Summer Fete, Broomhill Chritsmas Fayre), and we buy merchandise (T-Shirts, posters, etc) to promote Broomhill Lido and the fight to restore it.

Our campaign funds have also been invested in vital third party, professional, supporting analysis and reports. For example, in 2006 we raised £9000 towards total £67,000 feasibility study. Critically, this study was able to demonstrate i) that Broomhill has NO significant structural defects. ii) A [PKF] business plan confirms the facility can run without a loss. iii) Our funding study proved that a restoration would be eligible for government, lottery funding and third party funding. iv) Legal searches that confirm that the facility is built within greenbelt Broomhill Park and has no commercial value. In 2009, as part of an “All Options Appraisal” with Ipswich Borough Council, we paid £6000 to update the pool’s business and cost plans. These reports were absolutely essential to prove that a restored Broomhill is not merely a wish, but is a proven, economically viable benefit to the community and taxpayers.

The Trust presently has around £10,500 campaign funds in the bank. The Trust has made funding commitment to use this pot to secure restoration of the diving boards. If the pool restoration progresses as plans, there is a £250k target for the [separate] refurbishment of the Wicksteed diving stage. The Trust Committee has already indicated that it is willing to use our pot, as a symbolic and significant capital pledge towards the costs of the restoration of the Wicksteed diving stage