The Trust

The Broomhill Pool Trust is a registered charity (No.1102659).

Established in 2003, the Trust’s objective is to seek and offer solutions to restore the Grade II listed, Broomhill Pool in Ipswich – one of Britain’s finest lidos.

The Trust’s activities are to lobby, explore and liaise with Ipswich Borough Council and all interested parties to preserve Broomhill Pool.

We are a small team of committed volunteers and experts who have worked tirelessly to ensure that this wonderful pool is saved for future generations:

Since 2003 the Trust has worked in co-operation and partnership with three administrations at the Borough (changes in 2004 & 2011), positively lobbying each to win their attention and on-going commitment.

In 2006 the Trust supervised a £67,000 feasibility study which became central to the pool’s revival.

The Trust led a HLF funding bid in 2008 which although rejected provided valuable lessons.  Taking on board HLF findings and advice, the Trust resolved to come back with a stronger bid.

In 2009 the Trust worked hand in hand with the Ipswich Borough on an all options appraisal.

In 2010 & 2011, the Trust lobbied two administrations resulting in an agreement from Ipswich Borough to commit £1m to the project.  Following this commitment the Borough sought expressions of interest for an operator to invest and lead the project.

In 2011, our preferred operator, Fusion Lifestyle (whom we had lobbied for the best part of a decade) entered into an agreement with the Borough to lead the project and guarantee a further £1m investment.

In 2013, a turning point for the campaign, the HLF announced a new “Heritage Enterprise Fund”, a fund for which Broomhill Pool was a perfect fit!  

In 2014, Fusion Lifestyle took the bold decision to proceed with a formal public consultation, submitting an ambitious vision and outstanding bid to the HLF in June 2015.

In October 2015, “The HLF awarded Fusion Lifestyle £180,000 in development funding with a view to granting a full £3.4 million at a later stage to fund the restoration of the site”.  

In December 2018 the stage 2 HLF bid was approved for the full £3.4m.

In 2019 a total £7m of funding was guaranteed (IBC £1.5m, HLF £3.4m, Fusion £2.1m.)   

Pre-qualification and the selection of a contractor was set for early 2020. The pool was set to be restored in 2020 and reopened in 2021. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has had a profound impact on the leisure sector. During lock-down, Fusion Lifestyle was forced to close all of its 200+ nationwide pools, gyms and sport centres, plus furlough some 3000 staff. Its capital plans are presently on hold and it is having to restructure all its operations.

Restoration and re-opening of Broomhill Pool is set to be delayed. There are major challenges ahead. However, the case for Broomhill remains as strong as ever. With funding agreed and the lease signed, Fusion Lifestyle is committed to the project. The Trust has worked to keep the campaign fresh, relevant, publicly engaged and backed for 17 years. A further delay does not faze us. We will be positively lobbying and working with all stakeholders to complete the task.

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The Team

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Mike Read MBE
Mark Ling
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Mike Cook
Deputy Chair
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Janet Adams