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The Broomhill Pool Trust
Privacy Notice – May 2018
The main purpose of the Broomhill Pool Trust is to promote to the public consciousness an appreciation of the heritage, historic, recreational and social value of Broomhill Pool to Ipswich and beyond. The Broomhill Pool Trust therefore needs to provide information to people locally, nationally and internationally to promote these aims, including information in newsletters and by personal contact.
Our purpose is to promote this outstanding heritage and public facility and to educate and inform and gain new supporters.
Retaining this information is of essential need to the Trust’s campaign activities and ultimately for the pool’s survival.
This PRIVACY NOTICE tells you what to expect when The Broomhill Pool Trust collects personal information.
The Data held by The Broomhill Pool Trust is used for the following legitimate purposes:
• To communicate with supporters, followers, interested parties of Broomhill Pool in Ipswich, its heritage, its history and social value.
• To communicate with supporters, followers, interested parties of The Broomhill Pool Trust and its campaign since 2002 to save and restore the Grade II listed lido.
• To communicate with interested parties, Ipswich Borough Council, possible operators and funding bodies to secure our aim to save and restore Broomhill Pool.
• To provide interesting articles, updates, news items, stories, information of events related to Broomhill Pool and the Trust campaign to save and restore it.
• To promote – with legitimate interest – the Pool and Trust to the general public, key influencers and the heritage and sport fraternity.
The Broomhill Pool Trust Data Base consists of limited contact data; names, postal addresses and email addresses of supporters and followers who have requested online news letters via our website “Friends” page or during our various public events. Your data is only used by, and for, the Broomhill Pool Trust. We do not share your contact data.
The General Data Protection Regulation provides rights for individuals to be informed of the data held on them and to have it removed. The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) website holds more information. The Broomhill Pool Trust tries to meet the highest standards when collecting and using your data. For this reason we take any complaints we receive about this very seriously and would welcome any suggestion for improvement. We will keep our privacy notice under regular review.
If you wish your details to be removed from our website database, you can unsubscribe at any time.
Furthermore, the Trust’s Data Protection Controller can be contacted at and will reply or respond to any written data subject requests within 30 calendar days.
M H Cook, Janet Adams & Mark Ling.
Trustees, The Broomhill Pool Trust.