ART DECO Along the East Coast MAP

24 July 2020: 

Purcell launches “ART DECO Along the East Coast MAP” – Ipswich’s Grade II listed Broomhill Pool stars in East Anglia’s finest.

As part of our continued cultural presence in the East of England, Purcell are supporting the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts’ (SCVA) exhibition, Art Deco by the Sea.

The exhibition focuses on how after the First World War, during a new age of mass tourism, Art Deco transformed our seaside towns.

This prominent and eye catching style is still woven throughout the towns’ architecture and design today.

In support of the exhibition, our team have designed an ‘Art Deco Along the East Coast’ map. This explores Art Deco buildings across the East of England’s coastline and features some of the most prominent buildings within the region.

Broomhill Art Deco by the Sea