BBC Radio Suffolk: latest news on Broomhill Pool (June 2022).

BBC Radio Suffolk: latest news on Broomhill Pool.

Mark Murphy (BBC Radio Suffolk) interview with Mark Ling (Broomhill Pool Trust Chairman). What is the latest update on Broomhill Pool’s restoration? Does Ipswich Borough’s new proposed Ipswich Aquatics Centre (planned for 2027) have any affect on the Broomhill project?

Listen in on the Youtube link below (our thanks to James Sharpe).

Interview took place on BBC RADIO SUFFOLK
– 15 June 2022 (approx. 5:00 mins).

2 thoughts on “BBC Radio Suffolk: latest news on Broomhill Pool (June 2022).

  1. Great interview Mark & Mark! As you say, we need commitment from IBC to get this wonderful scheme over the line,

    1. Hi Margaret, thank you so much for your kind comment and positive reply.
      Broomhill would have been restored and reopened now, not for Covid. Then it was set to restart this year but Fusion Lifestyle are battling with inflationary pressures from the Ukraine War. However, the commitment is there and there is considerable effort behind the scenes to restart the project. The Trust will keep lobbying and campaigning to reach that goal. Have a great weekend.

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