Tom Hunt MP, Opinion Piece in Ipswich Star 31-3-23 (Broomhill Pool Funding).

“Over the past week I’ve attended several meetings relating to the Broomhill Lido project with my colleague Dr Dan Poulter. We’re exploring different avenues to secure the additional funding we need to get the project over the line. I’m hopeful that there may well be a pathway to us getting the project over the line. But quite a few things need to align for this to be the case.

“Coincidentally, this week I was notified that I’ve secured what they call an “Adjournment debate” on the Broomhill Lido project. This is a special debate that takes place in the House of Commons Chamber which will last for 30 minutes and will give us an opportunity to raise the profile of the issue and make very clear to the Government the various benefits it would bring to the local community.

“Most of the money has already been raised and is still secure. We still have a way to go, but I’m more confident than I was a month or so ago of a successful outcome.

“Huge credit to the Broomhill Pool Trust and others who have kept this campaign going despite all the setbacks, and Dr Dan Poulter who has been working on this longer than me!

“I feel strongly that the physical health, mental health and cultural and social benefits of the Broomhill Lido project are vast.